Production chain

We produce under a networked production model in which we integrate all the actors who make up the chain. This system ensures that all our producers and suppliers involved and committed to the quality of our products. The first step is the selection and evaluation daily of the different actors. When this procedure was finished, the farmers or suppliers are added to the program under deals of farming, whereby, through it, they are committed with the process, production patterns and final quality that we want to produce. Through this integrated system, each link makes the sub-control times of the preceding step. At the same time, we have designed a quality management system looking for the optimization in the production process, prevailing efficiency, sustainability and profitability thereof.
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Strategic Management System Quality

Our mainly aim is satisfy the needs required for our buyers, and, in that way, we must work under a system of continuous improvement that will allow us to address the changing needs of the current demand.
This system is based on two pillars:
1 – The procedure of quality made in order to do a strict control in each step, anticipating potential deviations in the established production protocol.
2 - Manuals of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs), which define our principles, standards and technical recommendations aimed at reducing the physical, chemical and biological risks in the production, harvesting and packaging of goods.
All of these, allow us to guaranty that our products are manufactured and trading in inoculation conditions, reducing risks in contamination environment, This allows us to ensure that our products are manufactured and marketed in conditions of safety, reducing the risk of contamination of crops, improving efficiency of production and its suitability for consumption later in the food chain to improve its management, achieving differentiation of giving more value added production, allowing access to new markets and minimize environmental impact.
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Benefit o GAPs

* Our manuals BPA contribute to improving the safety and quality of our products.
* Contribute giving a legal and technical framework under national and international standards, in line with the suggestions and guidelines that make organizations such as FAO, WHO, EU and the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) among others related to these processes.
National and International standards operating under our quality systems:

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