Mr. Alejandro Juan Nari – Chairman
Email: anari@e-grain.com.ar | Dir: +54 11 4789 4427
Mr. Gabriel Cassullo – Vice Chairman
Email: gcassullo@e-grain.com.ar | Dir: +54 11 4789 4428
Mr. Juan Antonio Nari – Director
Email: jnari@e-grain.com.ar | Dir: +54 11 4789 4426
Mrs. Elsira Trevisiol – Director
Email: etrevisiol@e-grain.com.ar | Dir: + 54 11 4789 4408
Mr. Javier Carlos Antognini – Manager
Email: jantognini@e-grain.com.ar | Dir: +54 11 4789 4425
Mr. Santiago Castresana – Chief Revenue Officer
Email: scastresana@e-grain.com.ar | Dir: +54 11 4789 4431


We are a company with an active participation in the main and most demanding markets around the world. We are recognized by our customers, partners, industry and the general public, for our excellence and professionalism work. As referents inside the agricultural and industry chain by our daily innovation, initiative y professionalism of our work-team, we have the aim and the philosophy to stay one step before of the demanding requirements. The changes are new opportunities for us.


Be a premier company with: responsibility social, technological in advance, focus in quality, fulfill the needs of our clients, flexibly, profitable, safety and recognized in the community. Our aim is produce under the high level and strictest worldwide standards, offering to our customers the product that they needs. All the activities are made with responsibility and awareness with the aim to obtain financial results positives under the social commitment and the environment.


* Commitment with our customers. Give solutions at all the specific and individual requirements by our customers is our principal aim in the company. If our customer is satisfied the solution, our work was made satisfactory. We could achieve it from the continuous improvement of our activities, getting ready to the constantly changing demand. Excellence is our philosophy.
* Certified production & traceability programms. Our production system is made under high level and strictest worldwide standards, for this, we have designed a system for early detection of deviations. It consists in the implementation of regular's survey in different points of the supply chain. Monitoring and control is performed from the beginning of the process, for example: from the purchase of inputs to the merchandise is shipped in ports. The checks control we performed at customers, products, partners and supplier's under a well-know traceability certification system in all the development chain.
* Good agricultural practices. We have made a commitment to work on a process of continuous improvement, through the constant introduction of new technologies and knowledge, and applied to the sustainable use of the natural resource base for production, ensuring the economic viability and social stability in line with global developments in this area.
* Caring of the environment. We are committed to developing all our projects environmentally sustainable manner, in order to avoid the deterioration of regional productive environment and ensure their normal performance for future generations.
* Corporate social responsibility. Our commitment is to be concerned for our people, for our community, through our active participation in the same, supporting social organizations and / or non-profit foundations. Our corporate social responsibility is to engage strongly with the assistance of our people and the people who need it.