Port Logistic

Currently E-Grain SA operates in all mainly Argentine ports, namely: Bahia Blanca, Necochea and Rosario. We ship goods mostly in bulk by vessel. However it we offer ships by big bags, 50kg bags or in bulk via containers of 20 / 40 feet, adapting to the needs of our customers requested, volumes and different qualities demanded.
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Project under development – Our own Port

After an arduous process of management, evaluation and planning, we have recently obtained the award for 35 years to build our own port in Necochea, estimating become operational by early 2014. The same will be located on the Port Rotation 0, Quequen - Necochea Will have the opportunity to load vessel of grains and byproducts of up to 65,000 metric tons capacity. Making a second stage, completed dredging and channel widening, the ability to offer loads of ships up to 80,000 metric tons. This will allow us to offer flexible shipping, freight priorities and most importantly: traceable ensure control of all goods shipped. We will have advanced facilities for effective differentiation to export products, thereby minimizing potential contamination risks at the time of collection of the same port. The possibility of having its own port offers many advantages when it comes to concrete business.

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